National Oatmeal Month!


Our Raleigh massage team is dedicated to helping you lead a healthier, more well balanced life. In addition to regular massages, there are a few things you can do to ensure that you are as healthy as possible.

Raleigh Massage: It’s National Oatmeal Month!

One of those things is oatmeal; eating it as well as using it for skin care!  We are saving the skin care benefits for our next post, today we will focus on eating oatmeal.

Since it’s national oatmeal month, we only thought it fitting to talk about the benefits of eating oatmeal and how it can lead to a healthier lifestyle!

 Low Calorie

One cup of oatmeal has only 130 calories! In addition, it keeps you fuller longer than cereals that have twice the calories if not more! Even better, you won’t have as many unhealthy cravings throughout the day when you start your morning with a cup of oatmeal!

High in Protein Fiber; Low in Fat  

Win. Win. Win. This alone should be reason enough to start your day with a cup of oatmeal!

Blood Sugar Stabilizer 

The combination of high fiber and complex carbs that oatmeal packs helps to slow the conversion of whole foods to simple sugars.  What does this mean? The combo helps the body to use glucose and insulin secretion properly; hence, lessened blood sugar issues!

Removes Bad Cholesterol

Beta-glucan, a unique type of fiber found in oatmeal actually benefits cholesterol. It removes the bad cholesterol and helps maintain the good cholesterol.

For more information regarding the benefits of oatmeal be sure to check back with us in our next post! Also, don’t forget that regular massage sessions with your massage therapist can really help reduce the risk of heart disease, stress, and other negative health issues.

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