Raleigh Massage: Trigger Point Therapy

Often times our muscles are "held" in a way that can cause painful spots on our backs. Sitting incorrectly at a computer for a long period of time, muscle overload, or even direct trauma can cause those painful spots. Those spots are actually called trigger points. Trigger points, are lumps or nodules, deep in the muscle. The nodules can cause severe pain. The pain can be in that one location, or the trigger point can also radiate pain. This can cause you to have problems in other areas.

This type of massage focuses only on the trigger point nodule. The trigger points are often pinpoint specific, and need work on only that area. The massage will deactivate the nodule by finger pressure. Although it can be a bit painful at the time, Trigger Point Therapy is sure to help you become pain free, in the long run. Be sure to call today for more info on if you think this type of therapeutic massage is for you. We can and will help!